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William James analyzes truth as an essential source of philosophy. William James principle of truth connects to willed ignorance because it plays a role in discovering if truth or knowledge is relative because an individual holds on to a belief regardless of the facts. According to James, experience makes it clear that ideas become true. Truth happens to an idea, no matter what method individuals employ in a search for truth, there must be some norm for distinguishing truth from falsity. William James stated that individuals accept ideas as true only after testing then against our past experiences. Ideas are tested and accepted or rejected based on how well they work for us. James stipulates that to know something clearly and distinctively is to know that it is true. The will to believe creates truths therefore truth is always personal. Through William James philosophy he distinguishes the difference between the right to believe and the will to believe. The mind does not discover the truths in which it is believed that the will to believe creates truths. Experience requires motivation to question beliefs and modify them in truth. William James defined the mind as the function by which the human being adjusts itself to the environment. James finds the distinction between truth and how individuals discover it. William James defended an individual’s free will to believe because this allows humans to think for themselves and find what works for them and how to apply it to become adjusted to the world. William James’ outlook on truth specifies that depending on knowing and believing what is true is finding to believe in things that suit us.


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