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遗传可能性几乎是一个必要条件的生物基础理论的个性。中可以看到这个体液理论,也称为流体理论。根据盖伦的理论,一个人的体液代表一个人的个性。有四种液体,即黄色液体,黑色液体,粘液质、多血质。这些液体是遗传性的,不可能受到环境的影响。一个例子是精神分裂症的遗传。最初,精神分裂症能在家族中遗传原因不考虑。相反,被认为是环境精神分裂症的病因,与理论把责任归咎于可怜的父母(McCrae et al .,2000)。然而,精神分裂症是一种遗传缺陷没有环境因素可以完全抵消。因此,个体将有缺陷的,无论哪一类型的环境条件下,一个正在长大的。


Heritability is virtually a sine qua non of biologically based theories of personality. This can be seen in the Humoral Theory, also known as the Fluid Theory. According to Galen’s theory, one’s body fluid represented one’s personality. There are four fluids, namely yellow fluid, black fluid, phlegmatic temperament and sanguine temperament. These fluids are hereditary and not possibly influenced by environment. An example is the hereditary of schizophrenia. Initially, the idea that schizophrenia could run in families for genetic reasons was not taken into consideration. Instead, schizophrenia was thought to be environmental in origin, with theories putting the blame on poor parenting (McCrae et al., 2000). However, schizophrenia is a hereditary deficiency which no environmental factors can completely counteract. Thus, the individual will be defective, regardless of the type of environmental conditions under which one is being brought up in.


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