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美国运动医学学院报道,运动饮料中的电解质和碳水化合物是非常有利于个人从事长时间的剧烈运动,尤其是在高温(索卡MN等,2007)。高强度身体活动的常见例子包括;足球训练在夏季,马拉松训练和比赛,竞争的足球和网球比赛,和长时间骑自行车比赛。这句话是在协议,除了Coyle EF的作品,在2004年写道,说脱水2%的体重在长时间的剧烈运动在温暖的热环境削弱耐力运动员之一。



The American College of Sports Medicine reports that the electrolytes and carbohydrates in sports drinks are very beneficial for individuals who engage in prolonged vigorous physical activity, particularly in hot temperatures (Sawka MN et al, 2007). Common examples of high-intensity physical activities include; football training during summer months, marathon training and races, competitive soccer and tennis matches, and long cycling races. This statement is in agreement and an addition to the piece that Coyle EF, wrote in 2004 which stated that dehydration by 2 per cent of body weight during extended periods of vigorous exercise in warm to hot environment weakens stamina among athletes.

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, children participating in vigorous exercise should drink water before, during, and after exercise. If children are participating in prolonged vigorous activity in hot, humid conditions for more than one hour, small amounts of sports drinks may be appropriate. However for the typical child or adolescent engaging in routine physical activity for less than three hours in normal weather conditions, the use of sports drinks in place of water in unnecessary (Eaton DK et al, 2010).