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北美管理学作业代写 新古典主义

新古典主义的管理方法后来被采用,以解决封堵古典理论的漏洞。这种特殊的方法把大量的注意力放在了工作和机器上,后来转向了人力管理。通过关注人的方面的管理,它有助于更好地理解组织和工作中的人的行为。此外,它创造了意识与令人难以置信的工作的人的因素在行业(沃克等人,2008年)。利用这种管理方法的组织有机会实现新的技术和思想,使他们更好地理解人类行为。该方法通过将前提识别为一个社会系统,该社会系统受领导、工作环境、动机、群体动态和组织成员等概念和社会示例的约束,从而有助于管理理论(Walker, et al., 2008)。此外,这种方法的采用改变了将员工视为有价值的资源而不是组织中使用的工具的观点。通过对这种方法所作贡献的审议,可以看出它为后来管理理论的改进建立了框架。戴尔公司有一个有用的和分散的组织结构。公司鼓励各有特色的部门相互联系,以实现最终目标,为提高商业组织的质量贡献自己的想法。公司的等级结构体现了戴尔公司所赋予的各种能力,并且可以合并;业务指导,改进和全球。公司的分散结构使得所有的组织员工都能很容易地向他们的同事和高层管理团队学习,因为基本的领导能力来自于不同的管理级别。

北美管理学作业代写 新古典主义

Neoclassical management approach was adopted later in order to solve the seal the loopholes of the classical theory. This particular approach placed so much attention on jobs and machines, which later shifted towards the human side management. By focusing on the human side management, it contributed to a better understanding of human behavior in the organization and at work. Additionally, it created awareness with the mind-boggling job of the human factor in the industry (Walker, et al., 2008). Organizations that utilize this management approach have had a chance to realize new techniques and ideas that enable them to have a better understanding of human behavior. This approach contributes to management theories by recognizing a premise as a social system that is subject to the notions and social examples of leadership, job environment, motivation, group dynamics, and the member of the organization (Walker, et al., 2008). Moreover, the adoption of this approach has changed the perspective of seeing employees as valuable resources rather than as tools to be used in an organization. By deliberating on the contributions made by this approach, it can be observed that it established the framework for later improvement in management theory.Dell Corporation Company has a useful and decentralized organizational structure. The company urges distinctive departments to connect with each other with the end goal to contribute thoughts that improve the quality of the business organization. The company’s hierarchical structure characterizes the various capacities given by Dell Corporation and may incorporate; business instruction, improvement, and worldwide. The company’s decentralized structure gives enables all organizational employees to easily learn from their peers and the top management team, since basic leadership originates from different administration levels.


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