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北美护理学paper代写 护理问题


北美护理学paper代写 护理问题

The 21 nursing problems of the theory are essential to the care nurses provide their patients. The significance of the theory is of great value since this theory remains in use today by most healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing schools, and the community (McEwen & Wills, 2014). It can be efficiently utilized in the nursing practice to direct the nurse in their different activities in patient care. This theory can be used with all kinds of patients in the healthcare setting whether they are acutely ill, healthy, or their condition is terminal The approach of this theory when utilized is found to function appropriately for all healthcare settings. The content and fluidity of the 21nursing problems are consistent and clear. The framework of the theory is uniform with the concept of holism by including our patients as a whole by concentrating on the emotional, sociological and physical needs of the patient .Abdellah’s theory is not parsimonious due to its clear focus and density of the contents it states. The theory affects different subjects in the nursing profession, but the prime focus is of the nursing education we provide our patients. The theory of 21 nursing problems is broad and covers a wide range of nursing and patient-centered care guidelines that nurses can follow.This theory is not able to be directly tested due to the few specified guiding relationships. It can be tested in opinion since a hypothesis can be developed from the material of the theory . For example, it can be tested how beneficial the 21 nursing problems are when they utilize the nursing practice as compared to other nursing-centered or patient-centered models.


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