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心脏是人体中一个复杂的器官。对一些人来说,这可能很难理解,但如果一个人理解了电压-电流关系的物理概念,那么他们就可以很容易地理解心脏和循环系统。心脏也是人体最重要的部分之一,它在循环系统中的作用是非常重要的,也是所有生物生存的必要条件。值得庆幸的是,临时全人工心脏(TAH)为许多被诊断为双心室衰竭的人创造了许多新的机会。这种新机器给病人一个新的左心室和一个新的右心室,这两个心室是由生物相容材料制成的,然后通过生物相容管中的线圈连接到一个外部电源,这个电源有多个备用发电机,以确保他们的心脏永远不会停止收缩和泵血通过他们的系统。外部电源的职责是跟踪心脏,并相应地调整个人的活动。这意味着外部电源在收缩时向人工心室发送信号。通过这一选择,患者现在必须接受新的心室,已经取得了显著的长期成功,但有许多日常因素与这台机器有关,在离开医学专家在场之前,应该彻底和谨慎地观察或处理。这些因素包括血液流速、心室内的压-容关系、连接到左心室和右心室的生物相容管内线圈的外部电源所做的工作。这些都可以通过本文各个子部分中显示的各种物理方程观察到,同时也可以通过超声或超声心动图的高频声波观察到(Siegel, 2003)。对于那些不能等待整个心脏供体准备好,而只能通过一些生物相容的机械部件活下来的病人来说,这是心脏病学转变的巨大影响。


The heart is a complex organ within the human body. For some, it can be difficult to understand, but if one understands the physics concept of a voltage-current relationship then they can easily interpret what the heart and the circulatory system. The heart also is one of the most critical parts of the human body, and its role within the circulatory system is incredibly significant and also essential for life to be possible for all organisms. Thankfully, the temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH) has created many new opportunities for numerous individuals who had been diagnosed with biventricular failure. This new machine gives patients a new left and a new right ventricle made from biocompatible materials, which are then connected through coils within biocompatible tubes to an external power source with multiple backup generators to ensure their heart never stops contracting and pumping blood through their system. The external power sources’ duties are to keep track of the heart and to adjust accordingly to the activity of the individual. This means that the external power source is sending signals to the artificial ventricles when to contract. Through this option that patients now have to receive new ventricles, there has been phenomenal long-term success, but there are many day to day factors that have to do with this machine that should be thoroughly and cautiously watched or addressed immediately before leaving a medical expert’s presence. These factors include the flow rate of blood, the pressure- volume relationship within the ventricles, the work being done by the external power source connected to the coils within the biocompatible tubes connected to the left and right artificial ventricles. These can all be observed through various physics equations shown throughout the various sub-sections of this paper, while also being observed through the high-frequency sound waves of an ultrasound, or an echocardiogram (Siegel, 2003). This has been an immense impact of transformation within cardiology and for those patients who could not wait for entire heart donor to be ready, but can live through just some pieces of biocompatible machinery parts.


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