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北美教育学作业代写 测试评估

正如卡尔所说,任何测试都必须评估它应该评估的东西:“我们希望使用测试或评估是为了特定的原因,是为了完成某项工作,而不仅仅是因为”。记住这一点,我按照课程设计了一个测试来测试他们(学生)在这两天的观察中所学的内容。所有的选择都是和HI班的老师和CSUN的LING 568教授协调的。达到最大有效性、公平性和可靠性,我决定遵循指导方针的类,并创建一个集成测试评估的一些技能在课堂上练习,即听力理解通过记事和真/假答案的任务后,阅读理解和词汇使用一个简短的文本和完形的任务,最后,段落写作通过简短的回答将听力和阅读信息的任务。本来也考虑了语法,因为课上讲了被动致使词,但是修改了考试,计算了时间,就把这一点去掉了。集成测试的思想不是一次测试一个基础,而是复制真实世界的情况,人们不仅听(他们听和说)或练习词汇(他们在阅读、口语和/或听力时在上下文中使用词汇)。正如Carr提到的,这个测试“要求考生使用语言能力的多个方面,通常是执行更生活化的任务……这样的测试更接近现实生活中的语言使用任务,因此,需要更多的交际性语言使用”(Carr, 2015:320)。这一发现和其他类似的发现表明,综合测试在测试第二语言时更有用、更有效。设计评估工具花了1.5个小时。大部分时间都花在寻找难度和词汇量合适的文本上。听力部分(包括正确/错误的问题)没有花任何时间,因为我能在几分钟内找到一个相关的问题。测试本身由4个集成的任务/部件组成。

北美教育学作业代写 测试评估

As Carr states, any test must assess what it is supposed to assess: “we want to use a test or assessment for a particular reason, to do a certain job, not just because” . Keeping this in mind, I followed the class curriculum and designed a test that would test what they (the students) were taught during those 2 days of observation. All the choices were coordinated with the teacher of HI class and LING 568 professor at CSUN. To achieve maximum validity, fairness and reliability, I decided to follow the guidelines of the class and create an integrated test that assessed some of the skills practiced in the class, namely, listening comprehension via notetaking and true/false answers following the task, reading comprehension and vocabulary using a short text with cloze task, and finally, paragraph writing by means of incorporating listening and reading information in a short answer task. Originally, grammar was also considered, as passive causative was covered in the class, but upon revising the test and calculating the timeframe, this point was taken out. The idea of integrated testing is not testing one sill at a time, but rather replicating the real world situations, where people do not only listen (they listen and speak) or practice vocabulary (they use vocabulary in context while reading, speaking, and/or listening). As Carr mentions, this test “requires examinees to use multiple aspects of language ability, typically to perform more life-like tasks… Such tests more closely resemble real-life language use tasks, and thus, require more communicative language use” (Carr, 2015:320). This and other similar findings suggest that integrated tests are more useful and valid when testing second language.It took 1.5 hours to design the assessment tool. Most of the time was spent on looking for the right text with appropriate level of difficulty and vocabulary. The listening part (with its true/false questions) did not take any time as I was able to find a relevant one in matter of minutes. The test itself is comprised of 4 integrated tasks/parts。


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