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北美经济学论文代写 The Impact Of Entrepreneurs On The Economy

北美经济学论文代写 The Impact Of Entrepreneurs On The Economy

Moreover, by importing cheap goods, entrepreneurs are also helping the economy because by doing so entrepreneurs are actually creating a new market where imported products are being sold to the consumers. Imported goods cost more money than local goods, however there are many people who want to have the same brands as the original one. For example, at Mangga Dua, there are so many sellers who sale the duplicate of branded bags and wallets. Those sellers will undoubtedly get high profits because of the cheap price for customers and the high amount of customers’ demand. This is actually a new market which also means that more and more people are spending their money and that more money are being rotated in the market which also means that the economy is improving.

Finally, the existence of entrepreneurs can improve the economy by providing better services. In a sense, entrepreneur exist in order to make profits for their business and their produts/services will definitely be better than the products or services government owned businesses provides. This means that better quality products and services will exist in the market with higher prices and the impact is more and more people will purchase those products and services which will obviously improve the motivation and probably the buying power of the consumers and therefore improve the economy.

Entrepreneurship however, also have a negative impact on the econonmy. One of the negative impact on the economy is that the entrepreneurs in Indonesia spend a lot of resources, especially natural resources that will destroy the environment in the long term. Especially in developing countries such as Indonesia where there are no rules to enforce the protection of the environment and this will let entrepreneurs use natural resources as much as they want. Furthermore, there are still many entrepreneurs who do not know how to utilize their resources which will result in the excess use of recources and therefore will lead to the destruction of the environment. For example, the Lapindo mud in Surabaya. The Lapindo corporation which is responsible to the project doesn’t think about what will happen in the future. The drilling of the Banjar Panji-1 well which one caused the overflow of mud which is the hamlet of Balongnongo Renokenongo village, Porong district, Sidoarjo regency, East Java. If the company was thinking carefully how to do a proper drilling and using the right resources, the mud would not come to the surface and would not damage the neighborhood environments.

Next, the inability to utlize resources will also result in financial difficulties and moreover in extreme cases may lead to bankruptcy and this will have a negative impact on the economy because it will decrease the GDP of the country. The existence of entrepreneurs may also disturb the market price. Because when entrepreneurs enter a market, automatically competition will be more intense and may lead to the lower prices because of the intense competition. This may result in the destruction of the market, such as unstable prices and will actually give the consumers a hard time because of the unstable price. One example is the prices of chilly, when the prices of chilly goes up because of the unstable and intense competition, customers instead of gaining benefit from the lower price will suffer from the high prices caused by the unstable competition in the market.

In conclusion, entrepreneurs give both advantages and disadvantages to the economy. Entrepreneurs can improve the values of the resources and may motivate companies to find the best methods to improve their operations. Furthermore, entrepreneur creates a job fields for unemployed citizens to reduce the unemployment rate. Entrepreneurs can also improve the products inside the market by importing products from outside of their countries. However, they also use a lot of resources and some are still unable to utilize their resources and may destroy the environment in the long term and this inability to utilize their resources might cause them to experience bankruptcy and may even experience bankruptcy. Finally, after looking at all the advantages and disadvantages the existence of entrepreneurs actually improve the economy as they have more advantages than disadvantages to the economy.


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北美经济学论文代写 The Impact Of Entrepreneurs On The Economy