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研究人员认为,贿赂可能损害公司的声誉,因此他们忽视了客户的需求。客户需要高质量、低价格的产品或服务。他们关心的是某些产品的寿命或降价,而不是生产该产品的公司的声誉。此外,作者指出,贿赂在某些环境中是必要的,而不是在所有环境中。在一些国家,有良好的法规和法律,有严格的监督和审计制度,有高素质的官员,公司可以在市场纪律提供的公平平台上竞争。他们不需要贿赂。在这种情况下,企业应该努力提高产品质量,降低价格,扩大品牌认知度。然而,在一个充满贿赂和腐败的国家,人们看到公司行贿并不感到奇怪,这意味着对声誉的影响很小。最后,对于那些担心客户会承担贿赂成本的人来说,他们在一个充斥着贿赂和腐败的社会中看不到客户的损失。在一些发展中国家,当地企业仍然使用不健康或陈旧的生产技术,导致产品对消费者有害(Warren和Dunfee, 2004)。此外,这些公司还向当地官员行贿,以通过当地政府的卫生审查。这些不健康的产品流入当地市场,给当地消费者带来各种健康问题。如果能将国外先进健康技术生产的产品引进国内市场,无论是通过正规渠道还是贿赂,都能减少当地消费者的损失。此外,在充满贿赂和腐败的国家,如果外国产品可以通过贿赂进入当地市场,强大的竞争力将迫使当地企业提高技术和质量。因此,从长远来看,这对当地消费者是有利的。


For the researchers, who argued bribe could damage the reputation of companies, they ignore what customers demand. Customers need products or service with high quality and lower prices. They care much for the life span or price-off of certain products instead of the reputation of the company producing the product. In addition, the author has stated that bribe is necessary in certain environment, not in all environment. In some countries with good regulations and laws, strict supervision and audit system, and high-quality officials, companies could compete in a fair platform provided by market discipline. They do not need to bribe. In this situation, companies should try to improve product quality and reduce price to expand its brand recognition. However, in a country full of bribe and corruption, people will feel no strange to see company offering bribes, which means the influence on reputation is very little.And lastly, for the people who worries customers would bear the costs of bribes, they fail to see customer`s loss in a society full of bribes or corruption. In some developing countries, the local companies still use unhealthy or old productive technologies, which cause the product harmful to consumers (Warren and Dunfee, 2004). In addition, these companies offer bribe to local officials to pass the sanitary examination of local government. These unhealthy products flow into local market, causing various health problems to local consumers. If the foreign products produced by advanced and healthy technologies could be introduced to local market, no matter through normal channels or bribes, the loss of local consumers will be less. In addition, in the countries full of bribes and corruption, if the foreign products could break into the local market through bribes, the strong competitiveness will force local companies to improve their technologies and improve the quality. Therefore, in a long-term, it is benefit for the local consumers.


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