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Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people who believes that mental, physical, and spiritual health are connected to optimistic attitude. How? He has said that when some disastrous situation happens, the most important thing is how you look at that problem. Negative? Or positive? If you look at it as negative, then when the negative emotions are fully developed, you will become their slave, and you will have bad attitude toward every situation. If you look at it as positive, it means that there is still hope in that disastrous situation. If you look at it as positive , then you will cheer yourself up not to give up, not to fear, to move on, to fight, to feel good. Thus there is still hope in every situation only if you look at it as the positive or as experience or as lesson to guide you to a better future. From Dalai Lama’s teaching, he actually indicates clearly that if you have positive mind or thinking, your life will be easier to move on. Now I am going to tell you some ideas of how to be optimist yourself.Being optimist is not hard to do at all. Also the result of it is the treasure in your life. The very first thing you have to know about being optimist is that being optimist does not mean ignoring the problem, but it means hoping that things will change to be a better one in the future. So here are some ideas for you to follow.


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