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The problem lies in vehicle travel in many countries of the world in road congestion. The population is growing steadily, and people are buying more cars, roads and reached their maximum expansion. What is the only place that can be resorted to? It is the sky! Does this seem a fantasy too? Nope. Not according to Dr. Paul Mueller, the inventor of the car bodies, he believes we will see a car like this is used in emergency services by police, ambulance and fire services within five years. Then expanded to include the use of commercial services such as parcel delivery service.Mueller is expected to reach these cars revealed in the public sector within 10 years, and we may begin to move our car to the plane, as does George Jitson in cartoon strips.Says Müller: “It will start off in front of your doorstep, then you will be redirected automatically to the line of air. And maintain your vehicle at a fixed distance from other vehicles, everyone UNOMSA the same speed because the process is all geared-wire. Will move people from one place to another while reading a book or magazine or a newspaper or playing computer games or doing what they would like to do while being transported from point A to point B “.It will be the maximum load of the car is heavenly six people, while the maximum distance will be 1200 km. Because these cars will move quickly revealed more than 500 kilometers per hour, it will go the distance from the city of Boston to Washington DC in less than an hour and a half.There will be no traffic jams. Not only that, but it would be a means of travel is completely safe, as he says Müller: “the vehicle itself will be many details on that, incredibly, they will be equipped with several engines and several umbrellas, computers and multiple devices for global positioning. This will be supported by systems in Russia and Europe. ”


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