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在整篇文章中,Blakeley定义了友谊,并从道教的角度分析了它。直到文章的最后,布莱克利才用儒家思想和“仁”来观察友谊。根据Blakeley(2008)的观点,重点在于培养“通过正确理解过去的文化价值而定义的道德生活的圆满”(Blakeley 2008,第330页)。礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼,礼。这个礼是建立在道的基础上的,道是关系和社会在“天”下运行的方式。关于友谊,《论语》和《孟子》认为友谊有以下几个特点。首先,关系必须基于特定的价值和类似的观点。“只做对的人的朋友”和“与好人培养友谊”。第二,友谊需要信任和真诚,忠诚和诚实。好朋友是那些致力于美德生活、模范或圣人的人。第三个特点是,友谊必须在更广泛的人类生存环境(如家庭、政治、政府、统治者统治的环境)中发挥作用,并融入其中。这种关系必须在世界的大矩阵中发挥作用。第四,友谊是自愿的。第五,友谊是平等的(否则,它将属于这五种关系中的另一种)。友谊的第六个特征是建立在相互尊重和互惠的基础上,这也属于上述Morton(1971)的文章中贵族的行为和行为。最后,友谊是有条件的。这是一种旨在加强所有其他人际关系和作用的关系。如果一段友谊错误地影响了你在另一段关系中履行职责和义务的能力,这就不是一段好友谊,应该结束。


Throughout the article, Blakeley defines friendship and analyzes it from a Daoist perspective. It is not until later in the article that Blakeley observes friendship in the terms of Confucianism and “Ren”. According to Blakeley (2008), priority resides in cultivating “the fullness of a virtuous life as defined by proper understanding of the cultural values of the past” (Blakeley 2008, p. 330). A ren person is cultivated and guided by ceremony and rituals, li. This li is then grounded in dao, or the way, of relationships and society which all operate under “Heaven”. In terms of friendships, the Analects and the Mencius advise that friendships have the following traits. The first is that the relationships must be based on a particular value and similar perspectives. “Befriend only the right persons” and “Cultivate friendship with the good”. The second is that friendship requires trust and sincerity, faithfulness and honesty. Good friends are ones that are devoted to virtuous living, exemplary persons or sages. The third characteristic is that friendships must work and embrace the wider contexts of human existence (such as family, political, government, ruler-ruled settings). This relationship must work within the grand matrix of the world. The fourth is that friendships are voluntary. The fifth is that friendships are equal (otherwise, it would belong with another of the five relationships). The sixth characteristic of friendships is that they are based on mutual respect and reciprocity, which also falls within the action and behavior of the nobleman in the aforementioned article by Morton (1971). Finally, friendship is conditional. This is a relationship meant to enhance all other human relations and roles. If a friendship mistakenly affects your ability to perform your duties and obligations in another relationship, this would not be a good friendship and should be ended.


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