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Education is important in life. Had there not been a community college system, many people would not have realised their educational goals. As research has shown, without a formal education, most people are less likely to reach their full earning potential. It is important to look at the positives that the community college system provides to communities across the nation. If the people who discredit the community college system would take a deep look into it, they too would see the great fulfilling value of this institution.In recent times education has been viewed as the great leveler with respect to social parity. Throughout Britain and indeed the developed world, education has been the means for increasing human capital resources and the route into the middle class for many millions. Education plays a pivotal role in many communities desire for social improvement. Families will make almost any sacrifice to assure that a family member obtains the opportunity to gain the skills and qualifications that will maximize the potential of social advancement. These capital resources include.Cultural Capital – According to Bourdieu’s theory of cultural reproduction, children from middle-class families are advantaged in social and intellectual knowledge gained due to their possession of cultural capital. I agree, cultural capital is conveyed within the home environment, which can have, in my opinion, a significant effect on performance in the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations and has a fundamental affect on the achievement of students thereafter, particularly those who unfortunately have little ability and come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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