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Moral law is universal. It is not created by anyone, it just exists. Also, moral law is a priori, or in other words, it exists before empirical law. Moral philosophy is very valuable to everyone’s life. Morals are proper for everyone, and since they are based on metaphysics, and metaphysics transcends differences, they are also cross cultural. Moral law has helped me be successful in everything that I do.Being a 65 year old man, I have seen a lot. I know the value of moral philosophy. Moral philosophy has helped me be successful in every thing that I have done. You may ask, “How has it helped you be successful?” Well, I have told you a couple of aspects of moral philosophy, and all of these aspects have helped me keep things in perspective. Financial success will come with morality, but if it doesn’t, then you will still be better off because you have led a moral life.There have been times in my life when I have succumb to selfish inclination, and the results were immediately good. But ultimately, if I had been labeled as an immoral person, and was not able to do certain things because people didn’t like me, than I definitely wouldn’t have been the one invited to give this talk to you. By the way, I am getting paid an awful lot of money for this talk. So there is another way that morality has helped me. Happiness is not a grounding for morality, because some immoral people are happy. But, morality can lead to ultimate happiness and greater success in whatever you attempt to do in life.


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