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A parody of stupidity towards power exists within Stephano and Trinculo, as they have such absurd ambitions of being king of the island. However, with the “celestial liquor” they bear and their state of drunkenness, they do go on an imaginative journey thinking they were the rulers. This is also similar to Gonzalo, who is the loyal and optimistic mediator; the thoughtful male who dreams of a utopia where all are equal, harmonious and order exist. The power of the imagination gives them the opportunity to believe they were of a higher power and status, able to control nature.Lastly, the Ariel’s creation of the mock-banquet and his appearance as an avenging harpy, exemplifies Prospero’s power and that he is the controller of the island; this also reminding the audience the sorts of power he conjures. Ariel is clearly showing a reflection of God, confronting sinners with their misdeeds and convicting them. Although, he is able to implement such powers, both Ariel and Prospero have no control over their true repentance. Alonzo does show signs of regret and sorrow but Antonio and Sebastian are still ignorant and believe they are right.Control and authority is another apparent notion that is evident with the powers Prospero attains. Prospero’s power is not as justly attained as he keeps Ariel in unwilling bondage, like Sycorax did. Ariel is under Prospero’s absolute rule and he has full authority over him. He must beg for liberty and freedom, but it doesn’t succeed as Prospero continuously repeats Ariels past and embedding it in their mutual history; “Dost thou forget/ From what a torment I did free thee”. As a result, Ariel feels indebted to Prospero even though he deserves the freedom. Prospero even threatens him, “If thou more murmur’st, I will rend an oak/ and peg thee in his knotty entrails, till/ Thou hast howl’d away twelve winters.” Thus, Prospero uses Ariel’s memory/history and induces guilt and fear of physical torment to manipulate and have authority/control over the spirit.


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