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The goal of curriculum has been set to increase the quality of general education and adept with the globalization in order to easy to learn and teach more effectively that the students and teacher become very skillful and they can work very well and effectively in the class as they have expected to get high standard knowledge. (The effect of curriculum type on middle grade instruction, Vol. 5 pp.201). The curriculum has also helped them to learn thing which is fit to their ability to the situation in their own society as well as their family, community, and help next generation to love their own nation and people. Moreover the curriculum helps them to build up their capacity to improve the policy and develop their country. The curriculum can correct their habits how to live and work in their country peacefully. Thus they can be very important asset to work more effectively to develop the nation and liberal pluralistic democracy. as I mentioned above, it is important to reform the educational system for all the learners. I deeply believe for good curriculums can drive the learners and country to grow up sharply. If in one country has lots of good learners, the country will develop faster. For example, the Unites State of America. This country is over 200 years old, but they develop all fields. If we compare with Cambodia, it is so far different. It shows that human resources from study with good curriculums help to improve all the fields in their country. The important of curriculums help the learners improve them to think about the problems properly such as social issue, family economics, land conflict, domestic violence, aids, traffic, human right, children right and other things the learners understand about climate change, environment issue, traditions, cultures, religion relieve and understand universal laws. In my ideas, I think that good curriculums are important for the learners to reach and achieve their goals in their life. A good curriculum can lead the learners to do the right thing and they become good citizens, leaders in the future. Additionally, good curriculums help all the learners do and think something correctly that society and human being recognize. Totally, the reforming of curriculums drives the learner to love their people, culture, costume, national treasure, environment, government, leaders, and their country.


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