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While refugee situations continue to stagnate, argues that education can be a means of resolving protracted situations. points out that better educated refugees can contribute to society whether that is upon their return home, in the host culture or in an entirely different placement. Education provides more opportunities to contribute to the workforce, thus requiring the refugees to need less financial and social support in their ultimate country of return or relocation. Educated immigrants contribute more to society in general and have a positive impact on sectors such as the government, physical health of the society and the economy . Perhaps most importantly, the refuges believe that the educational skill that they develop will allow them more options in their future .There are also multiple advantages for the refugees while they remain in the camps . The refugees that have been through tertiary education are seen as role models for their fellow refugees. In addition to being seen as contributing a positive influence to the camp, the educated see themselves as giving back. They are not simply a disempowered group without a country that they can call home; they are part of a community that they are contributing to in a positive way. The educated can also find possible employment in the camps and education provides structure and support in a very unstructured and unstable environment.


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