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A thorny bioethical issue which remains unresolved concerns -on what particular grounds can one determine a good from a bad person .The first question arose because of a seemingly trivial conversation between Ben and George the hockey coach .George asks “why me ? “The claim that someone is a good person is made on a daily basis, but what justifies this belief when one makes an ethical statement? we have all stated that someone is a “bad person “.Implicit in these claims are an appeal to some standard .One can recognize something bad if they have some idea about what is good .The movies writhing theme seems to be drawing on a shared intuition .An intuition that ethical theory attempts to understand in holistic terms.A directed donation of organs to strangers is highly polemical since it challenges the perspective that an organ is a ‘gift of life’, rather than a mere commodity which can be commercially marketed. However the ethical debate as regards Seven Pounds gets a step further.On what particular criteria can one decide that a potential criteria can one decide that a potential recipient of an organ merits their donation, on the basis of being good .The latter needs to be appreciated since it is already polemical in donating organs, when cases are chosen on the basis of race, religion ethnicity -In this respect it is imperative to note non directed donations raises different ethical concerns. The radical altruism that motivates a person to make a potentially life threatening sacrifice for a stranger calls for careful scrutiny. One needs to question whether Ben is seeking compensation for depression.


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