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The narcissist recognizes himself as human and others as 3-dimensional cartoons in the background. Narcissists care more about themselves than others. They tend to be in a circle of friends where they first overvalue them then use them and eventually devalue them. Intimacy and transparency are important parts of true friendship, in which narcissists are incapable of. They are one track minded. “If threatened by being told that someone else has outperformed them, they’re more likely to put the other person down.They use their so-called friends as instruments to bring them a sense of entitlement or elevate their status. They sufficiently withdraw themselves from others. They love themselves too much that they lack empathy. They express envy when someone gains recognition because they think it should have been rightfully theirs. Narcissists expect special treatment from others and often result to anger if not given what they want. To a narcissist, nothing is ever good enough and it’s always the fault of others.Since narcissists have a high self-esteem and are charismatic, non narcissistic individuals get easily attracted to them at first glance and want to be part of their circle. A narcissist may have a lot of “friends” at first but eventually they would grow tired of his countless “me, myself, and I” conversations. They soon realize that narcissists only care about themselves and are incapable of genuinely caring for other people and eventually want to walk out from their suffocating shadows. According to Kluger , you’re bound to fall in love with narcissists at hello but when you get to know them better, you slowly realize that they’re actually quite unbearable. Their confidence becomes arrogance; charms turn to senselessness; smarts turn to conceitedness. They will talk endlessly about themselves, and never mind you. They have trouble working with others since they can’t easily accept criticisms and negative feedbacks.


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