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The ability to ensure this well-being and secure the related performance – in myself as well as in other learners – and eventually co-workers – is one of the key developmental points that I will take from the module as a whole. . As Murphy and Riggio indicate, ‘…complexity provides the resources (cognitive, social, behavioural) for generating numerous possible responses to a given situation. Individuals as well as organizations are healthy and thrive when they are capable of many responses to a given situation, and become brittle and vulnerable to changing conditions when they are uniform and specialized.’ (12). I prefer to think of this as understanding the personal, interpersonal, and strategic implications of the psychological contract. As Williams indicates regarding this phenomenon, ‘this interpersonal aspect to fairness reminds us that there is a social basis to the exchange relationship between employer and employee and we might expect this to be part of the psychological contract.’ (13) One of the key objectives that I will take away from the module is the ability to understand – through use of a reflective cycle – the development of psychological contracts between individuals, within groups, across stakeholders, and between employees and management. I recognise that this, in itself, is an objective which relies heavily on the capacity to use one’s own emotional intelligence, and that this in itself is an on-going task. As Goleman has observed, , ‘…unlike the familiar tests for IQ, there is, as yet, no single paper and pencil test that yields an emotional intelligence score, and there may never be one. ‘ (14) In fact it could be argued that those with emotional intelligence as a dominant aspect of their skills set, tend to eschew formal learning situations altogether, relying on their reading of situations and interpersonal skills rather than credentialism to get where they want to be. The important point for me here is to recognize that these skills are increasingly important in the socialized workforce, and central to achievement of common goals. As Guest and Conway have indicated, ‘…built on the three pillars of fairness, trust and delivery of the deal between organizations and employees, a positive psychological contract is the best guarantee of good performance outcomes.’


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