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In addition, many experts say that stimulating babies with music, art and others positively affects the brain of the children as it enhances the cognitive response of the right hemisphere. It is for this reason that the implementation of art as an aid to improve intelligence has been incorporated in schools where children from an early age are motivated with games, songs, paintings, etc. To learn from what they have obtained very good results because the students are more relaxed and pay more attention to a didactic class than an absolute.In addition, thanks to the involvement of art in schools, children are not only educated to be great professionals, but also develop as people because through art their ability to create and imagine, their interpersonal relationship improves are less systematic.Fortunately art is no longer left aside, but rather placed as an importance in the development of the child since it has come to take the place that corresponds because without art, without creativity the intelligence would not develop completely, in fact the Creativity allows us to look at other ways, other ways to reach the same goal, this is extremely important in the intelligence of the people because it allows us to be human beings with a greater reasoning and a criterion more vast when making decisions.


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