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The natural pressure of the workplace environment, as well as the conflict between colleagues either personal reasons, this pressure to enable them to establish and develop the work environment will only further weaken next. In many cases, the conflict in the workplace seems to be the fact that in life. We see that different people have different goals and needs, has entered the conflict. We have all seen, may lead to the often intense personal hatred. Understanding of this issue, and to take positive action, they can help solve this problem, a place where they really want, while creating a comfortable working area, so that their organization. In addition, it was agreed that these major sources, the party can solve a lot of problems, and it brings to the surface as well as to obtain benefits, and they may not be the first to think of. Specifically, through the understanding and agreement of the source to resolve conflicts, team members can develop stronger mutual respect, and a new belief in their work together. A team in a big advantage is its diversity of resources, knowledge and ideas. However, the diversity of the conflict. With the growing number of corporate restructuring work teams need training in conflict resolution will continue to grow. Team conflict is not necessarily destructive. The conflict may lead to new ideas and methods, organizational processes, and to deal with the problem of interest. The conflict, in this sense, can be considered positive, because it is conducive to the surfacing of the important issues, and to provide opportunities for people to develop their communication and interpersonal skills.


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