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金融服务是金融系统中涉及货币流动的经济活动。服务包括资产管理,这是一项旨在分配资金以实现利润最大化的服务。此外,银行是一家主要为客户提供接受存款和发放贷款等服务的机构。这些活动已成为英国经济的重要组成部分之一,为英国影响世界银行业提供了机会。根据英国上议院欧盟委员会的数据,英国7% – 12%的GDP、7% – 12%的就业率和11%的税收收入由金融服务业控制。此外,2014年英国最大的贸易顺差是金融服务,占580亿英镑,其中190亿英镑是与欧盟国家Austen, Hunt, Kelly, Naylor, & Sants, 2016年的贸易)。然而,2016年7月23日举行的公投可能会使这一积极局面进一步恶化。这也是金融服务业的一大担忧。据预测,英国脱欧将导致金融服务业的就业岗位减少3.1万至3.5万个。此外,在最坏的情况下,这个数字可能会增加到40000 (Arnold, 2016)。这个数字占英国金融服务业工作岗位的3- 4%.


Financial services are the economic activities that are involved in the flow of money in the financial system. The services include asset management which is the service that aims to allocate money to maximize the profit. Additionally, the banking is an institution which mainly provides such services as accepting deposits and issuing loans to clients. Those activities have become one of the crucial parts of the UK economy and it provides an opportunity for the UK to influence world banking industry. According to the House of Lords EU Committee, 7-12 percent of GDP of the UK, 7-12 percent of employment ratio and 11 percent of tax receipts are ruled by the financial services. Furthermore, the largest trade surplus of the UK in 2014 was the financial services which accounted for £58 billion of which £19 billion is the trade with the EU country Austen, Hunt, Kelly, Naylor, & Sants, 2016). However, this positive circumstance could possibly be worsened by the referendum which was held on 23 of July 2016.This is also a major concern for the financial services. As a consequence of Brexit, it is forecasted that the UK could lose 31000-35000 job positions in financial services. In addition, the worst scenario, this number could increase to 40000 (Arnold, 2016). This number accounted for 3-4 percent of job position involving with the financial services in the UK


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