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The word “biotechnology” has received its importance and significance in last two decades, which is just unprecedented. Probability and possibilities behind this kind of attention towards biotechnology is due to its unlimited potential to serve and benefit humanity. So far biotechnology has touched our life in all aspects like our food, health and animals. We have also noticed the importance and potential of biotechnology towards the improvement of our environment for a better living along with its capability to meet the need of our depleting energy reserves of fossil fuels, through Bio-fuels as all these things are becoming limited for their availability to ever increasing population. In simple terms our life starts with biotechnologically developed tooth-paste, to driving our car based on biotechnologically developed fuels and we retire for the day with bed-side medicine either to keep us healthy or control chronic disease like diabetes to make our life better. Rationally, biotechnology word has been derived from two simple terms of science i.e., Biology and Technology. If we try to decipher these words, it simply suggests in lay-man’s term that it is the technology which is making our life convenient and comfortable with the employment of biological resources. Question still remains, that is Biotechnology such a new branch of science? A real fact is that biotechnology has been in practice even long before the term “Biotechnology” was itself coined. It is interesting to learn and understand that how and when biotechnology evolved.


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