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The competition of Afghanistan’s beverage market is not intense competition and our product can own a large market in Afghanistan, but still got many competitors such as Coca-Cola.The goal for SOLO is to entry into the Afghan several main cities, around capital city- Kabul to successfully enter the Afghan market, to achieve a 10% market share within the first step and to promote to a large consumer a taste of this product (Soft drink not only cola).This product will attract new customers (Foreigners and locals) for the soft drink.The target markets are the hot summertime cities and arid conditions, where Afghan people indicate a huge market for clean and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages (Non-drinker for religious reasons).Expected sales in 2010 will be approximately AU$ 80 million with increases expected. The first year is the repair year, due to the highest cost associated with setting up the requirements. Follow the sales operating and distribution systems start to work, in the following years, the profit expectations will be higher step by step.The product will be adapted to fit the market in Afghanistan. These adaptations include the packaging, bottling size, color and so on. We will sell paper cup and glass packaging in Afghanistan that does not sell in Australia to reduce cost and keep the price low.


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