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Coca-Cola Company is not a single entity starting from its legal as well as managerial perspective. The company does not have all the control of all its bottling partners. Being a global company, Coca-Cola Company operates on a local scale such that each local company in different countries has its operations and activities. Managing the all the companies in the world by a single entity is cumbersome and to some extent impossible. One of the reasons why this is hard is because every country faces different problems which are concerning the environment in which it is established i.e. companies in the United States face different political as well as economic challenges compared to those found in India or China .Coca-Cola Company plays the role of manufacturing and selling of concentrates, syrups and beverage bases to the bottling companies. This leaves it with a specific role to play in the whole soft drink industry. The bottling companies are also tasked with the duty of manufacturing, packaging, merchandising and distributing the final branded soft drinks to the customers and vending partners, who finally sell to the customers. Coca-Cola Company also takes up the role of branding the products as well as becoming responsible for consumer branding marketing initiatives


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