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此外,还有一个强有力的指导体系。每位新员工都由一位有经验的员工指导。这有助于新员工学习和理解流程,也为他们提供了一个知己,帮助他们融入组织并吸收文化。培训是帮助员工提高绩效、培养他们未来表现良好的能力的过程。它是关于改变行为使事情变得更好。因为变化的过程是困难的,可能会引起焦虑,人们经常抵制它。惯性的力量是强大的,但有效的训练可以克服它们。凯悦酒店鼓励在师徒体系的帮助下进行培训,这一理念被称为“凯悦技能培训”(Hyatt on skill training)。本培训模块由主管及以上人员进行。毕业这个模块可以让员工进行培训课程的任务。培训可在部门/团队内进行。培训师有权一次培训其他三名员工。这就为员工提供了个性化的培训,使他们更容易理解和每天的工作任务,从而提高了生产力。监督员工的表现也更容易,更有效,使他们对工作更有信心。


There is also a strong mentoring system in place. Each new employee is mentored by an experienced employee. This helps the new employees learn and understand the processes as well as provides them with a confidante who helps them fit in to the organization and imbibe the culture.Coaching is the process of helping employees improve performance and develop their capacity to perform well in the future. It is about changing behavior to make things better. Because the process of change is difficult and can provoke anxiety, people often resist it. The forces of inertia are strong, but effective coaching can surmount them. Hyatt Hotels encourage coaching with the help of the mentoring system, and a concept known as Hyatt on skill training. This training module is undergone by supervisors and above. Graduating this module enables employees to conduct training sessions for tasks. Training may be conducted within the department / team. A trainer is entitled to train three other employees at a time. This enables personalized coaching for employees which makes it easier for them to understand and work on day to day tasks thus increasing the productivity. Monitoring of employees’ performance is also easier and more effective making them more confident in their jobs.


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