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他们的宗教与他们的生活方式紧密相连,尤其是在对孩子的教育方面,他们非常重视道德生活、努力工作以及成为阿米绪人社区的宝贵成员(, 2017)。来支持他们的论点,孩子不应该上学之外的14岁(反国家要求参加,直到16岁),他们认为国家运行学校会教他们的孩子价值观的不兼容的阿米什人的生活方式和危及孩子的救恩”(Cornell.2015作业手册。P36)。亚米希人的父母担心,无论是在现实中还是在潜意识中,这项法律都会让他们的孩子在学校周围、学校里或学校里受到诱惑,学校教的科目会导致与他们的宗教和文化根源相抵触的行为。支持豁免的第二种观点是通过类比的方式提出的。以不列颠哥伦比亚省的Musqueam乐队的豁免为类比,支持了文化豁免对差异盲目规则的案例。当然有案例上的差异,但这里的重点是给予的豁免不仅是关于土著捕鱼的权利,而且是基于文化认同和立法者想要维持长期固定的生活方式的愿望。“对于麝香猫来说,鲑鱼渔业一直是它们独特文化的组成部分。


Their religion deeply entwined as it is in their way of life and which especially in respect to the teaching of their children places great emphasis on ethical living, hard work and becoming a valuable member of the Amish community (, 2017). In support of their contention that their children should not attend school beyond the age of 14 (against the State requirement of attending until the age of 16), they argue that the State run schools would teach their children values that would be `incompatible with the Amish way of life and endanger their children’s salvation’ (Cornell.2015 in Assignment Booklet. P36). The Amish parents were concerned that in both real and subliminal terms this law would expose their children to temptations around, at and in schools and taught subjects by the schools that would lead to behaviour that was incompatible with their Religious and cultural roots.The second argument offered in favour of an exemption is one by way of analogy. Taking the exemption offered to the Musqueam band of British Columbia as the analogy supporting the case for a Cultural Exemption to the Difference Blind Rule. There are case differences of course but the key point made here is that the exemption given was not only on aboriginal fishing rights but also on the grounds of cultural identity and a desire by the legislators to preserve a long established way of life. `For the Musqueam, the salmon fishery has always constituted an integral part of their distinctive culture.


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