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Private tuitions may be considered as a good thing in that it provides an income to many teachers, who are very often underpaid and also to university students who teach on a part-time basis to cover their fees. For instance, in Sri Lanka, a good private tutor earned up to 130 USD per month in 2007, which is equivalent to one month’s pay for only 4 days of work .Parents invest huge amounts in private tuitions yearly, because it’s the only option they have in securing their children’s future in terms of the best possible preparation to eventually gain access to prestigious schools or universities, and get the best jobs .Through these private tuition sessions, children get the opportunity to better grasp lessons which they previously didn’t understand at school due to various reasons. Each pupil has his/her own learning speed, and very often classes are filled with up to 40 students which can render things difficult for the latter in receiving personal attention. Thus private tuition is an outlet for a more interactive class.More positively, it is a mechanism through which current students can extend their knowledge and gain human capital, which eventually benefits the society as well as themselves. This can allow for opportunities to work abroad; i.e. to travel, meet people from different culture, gain experience which is in itself a challenge to one’s potential.


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