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“高等”教育只是教育体系中最高的部分,就学生的进步、获得教育资格、地位及其对教育体系其余部分的影响而言。据说,高等教育能让学生在思想上有最深刻的理解,而不是在系统的其他地方可以接受的相对肤浅的理解。在高等教育中,没有什么是可以信任的,学生必须为自己考虑,以便能够站在自己的脚上,理智地说(Barnett, 1997)。高等教育被认为是通过那些在这一困难领域工作的人来教授学生,从而把学生推向“知识的前沿”。Sanyal(1982)认为,为了实现新的国际秩序,每个国家都有必要将社会经济政策与教育政策相结合,作为第三世界国家在高等教育领域更强有力的合作。高等教育的发展不仅应以经济发展为条件来实现新的国际秩序,而且还应促进文化的发展,因为科学和技术的作用、生活方式以及生活的意义和价值往往在未来发生变化。


‘Higher’ education is simply the highest part of the education system, in terms of students’ progression, the acquisition of education qualifications, its status and its influence over the rest of the educational system.Higher education is said to impart the deepest understanding in the minds of students, rather than the relatively superficial grasp that might be acceptable elsewhere in the system. In higher education, nothing can be taken on trust and the students have to think for themselves so as to be able to stand on their own feet, intellectually speaking (Barnett, 1997).Higher education is thought to advance students to the “frontiers of knowledge” through their being taught by those who are working in that difficult territory.Sanyal (1982) says that in order to achieve the new international order, there is the need for integrating socio-economic policies with educational policies in each country, as stronger co-operation amongst the third world countries in field of higher education. Development of higher education should not only be contingent upon economic development to achieve the new international order but should promote the development of culture in view often fact that role of science and technology, the life-style and the very sense and value of life under-go changes in the future.


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