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北美社会学作业代写 滥用药物

在多伊夫人的酒精和药物评估期间,她透露她选择的药物是甲基苯丙胺。多伊女士在过去多次药物筛选中都失败了,根据评估,她有严重的药物滥用障碍。此外,还请Doe夫人完成一项心理评估。在评估的结论,Does夫人被诊断为创伤后应激障碍和重度抑郁症。总的来说,多伊夫人总是穿着得体,很有主见。多伊夫人很合作,并愿意为她的孩子的康复和团聚而努力。多伊太太有时情绪低落,但总是很友好,努力装出一副好样子。有一种感觉是,多伊夫人可能没有意识到她的抑郁症有多严重。尽管多伊夫人被诊断出患有抑郁症,有时也会表现出抑郁的迹象,但我们必须始终不断地获取知识和洞察力。因为在诊断时,记住和匹配标准细节很重要,而获得临床经验本身也可能提高判断客户如何表现自己的能力(Witteman, C. M., & Tollenaar 2012)。然而,多伊夫人已经能够证明她有良好的关系和来自家庭的有力支持。多伊夫人似乎愿意寻求治疗,以解决她的抑郁症和药物滥用的问题,并没有提及或迹象自杀。多伊夫人需要继续解决她的经济问题,寻求就业和保持无毒品。重要的是,多伊夫人应继续努力以适当的方式解决提出的问题。展望未来,我确实认为,为Doe女士提出的问题需要解决,以改善她的福祉,最重要的是与她的孩子的关系。如上所述,多伊夫人患有抑郁症和药物滥用。如果这继续成为一种趋势,多伊夫人的可能性是什么,或者他们已经开始了吗?多伊夫人目睹父亲自杀后,经历了一件痛苦的事。由于她的父亲自杀了,这肯定对她的生活产生了影响。持续的和最近的证据表明,童年时期的暴力经历可以影响成人的健康,包括抑郁、焦虑、攻击和自杀等心理社会问题(Hooven, Nurius, Logan-Greene, & Thompson 2012)。正如我们所看到的,多伊夫人目前确实遭受这些问题中的一些,并在其他潜在风险。除了精神健康问题,还有滥用药物问题.

北美社会学作业代写 滥用药物

During Mrs. Doe’s Alcohol and Drug Assessment, she revealed that her drug of choice is methamphetamine. Mrs. Doe has failed multiple drug screens in the past and has a high substance abuse disorder according to the assessment. Additionally, Mrs. Doe was requested to complete a Psychological Evaluation. At the conclusion of the evaluation, Mrs. Does was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder. Overall, Mrs. Doe is always well dressed and well oriented. Mrs. Doe is cooperative and willing to work towards rehabilitation and reunification of her children. Mrs. Doe is depressed at times, but always friendly and trying to put on a good face. There is a feeling that Mrs. Doe may not be aware to how bad her depression is. Although, Mrs. Doe has been diagnosed and shows signs of depression at times, we have to always continue to gain knowledge and insight. Because while remembering and matching criteria details in diagnosing is important, gaining clinical experience by itself may also increase the ability to judge clients on how they present themselves (Witteman, C. M., & Tollenaar 2012). Nevertheless, Mrs. Doe has been able to demonstrate that she has a good relationship and strong support from her family. Mrs. Doe seems willing to seek treatment to address her issues of depression and substance abuse, and has not mentions or signs of suicide. Mrs. Doe needs to continue to address her financial issues by seeking employment and remaining drug free. It is important that Mrs. Doe continue to try resolve the issues presented in an appropriate manner. Moving forward, I do believe that the issues presented for Mrs. Doe need addressing to improve her well-being and most importantly having a relationship with her children. Noted, above, Mrs. Doe has had issues with depression and substance abuse. If this continues to be a trend, what are the possibilities for Mrs. Doe, or have they already begun? Mrs. Doe experienced a traumatic event when she witnessed her father commit suicide. Due to her father committing suicide, it surely had an impact on her life. Consistent and recent evidence shows that childhood experience of violence can impact the adult wellbeing that include psychosocial problems such as depression, anxiety, aggression, and suicide (Hooven, Nurius, Logan-Greene, & Thompson 2012). As we can see, Mrs. Doe does presently suffer from a few of those issues and are at potential risk of the other. Along with mental health issues, is Mrs. Does substance abuse matter.

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