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关于朝鲜,金正恩使用的隐喻也很相关。在回应演讲中(《纽约时报》,2017年),朝鲜领导人经常将特朗普与动物,特别是狗联系在一起。我们可以在这个惯用语中看到“受惊的狗叫声更大”。这个隐式引用成为明确的演讲结束时,(“我肯定会用火和绝对驯服精神疯狂的美国老糊涂”),通过使用动词“驯服”,根据《牛津词典》在网上,意味着使更强大和更容易控制,但也“驯养(动物)”。他还使用了“with fire”这个短语,重新引用了特朗普的声明(“fire and fury”),这可以被视为一种回应。也在这个演讲中,我们可以看到,虽然他称自己是“男人代表朝鲜”,呼吁“民主”的“民主流行的韩国”他所说的特朗普的人持有美国最高的特权命令的,吸引人的事实,他是唯一的人持有的权力。投影的权力而言,隐喻是政治话语的重要组成部分,因为他们可以“改变收件人的视角的目标的参照或主题隐喻,通过使收件人从另一个概念域或空间”(Steen, 2008年第11期)和概念化的政治问题的一种重要手段,构建世界观”(Charteris-Black, 2004年,p . 48)。在这种情况下,我们可以说,他们是一种资源,在公众舆论中植入一定的联想,使观众能够将一个想法与一个属于他们的现实的概念相识别,辛普森和迈尔分别称之为“目标域”和“源域”。


Regarding North Korea, Kim Jong-Un’s use of metaphors is also quite relevant. In the response speech (The New York Times, 2017), a constant metaphor exists in which the North Korean leader associates Trump with an animal, specifically, a dog. We can see that in the idiomatic sentence ‘a frightened dog barks louder’. This implicit reference becomes explicit at the end of the speech, (‘I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire’), through the use of the verb “to tame” which, according to the Oxford Dictionary online, means ‘make less powerful and easier to control’ but also ‘to domesticate (an animal)’. He also uses the expression ‘with fire’, retaking Trump’s statement (‘fire and fury’), which could be considered as a response. Also in this speech, we can see that, while he refers to himself as ‘a man representing the DPRK’, appealing to the “Democratic” in ‘Democratic Popular Korean Republic’ he calls Trump ‘the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the US’, appealing to the fact that he is the sole person holding the power.In terms of projection of power, metaphors are an essential part of political discourse as they can ‘change the addressee’s perspective on the referent or topic that is the target of the metaphor, by making the addressee look at it from a different conceptual domain or space’ (Steen, 2008, p.22) and ‘an important means of conceptualizing political issues and constructing world views’ (Charteris-Black, 2004, p. 48). In this case, we can state that they are a resource to engrain in public opinion a certain association so the audience can identify an idea with a concept belonging to their reality, which Simpson and Mayr refer to as “target domain” and “source domain” respectively


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