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Word processing is essential for people to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings in order to establish social and interpersonal relationships. This report helps measure how words are distinguished from nonwords as well as related words and nonrelated words, in terms of time and accuracy. The additional variable investigated is the gender differences and how it affects the semantic priming. The sample of 139 participants from York University took part in the experiment known as the Lexical Decision Task. The RT and ACC were recorded which concluded that words are faster and more accurately identified than nonwords and related words are quickly recognized as compared to unrelated words. There was no significant correlation found between gender and the RT and ACC of the participants in the task .Language processing is a complex mechanism that is widely researched in the fields of psychology and psycholinguistics. It involves expressing and comprehending one’s thoughts and feelings through words in order to communicate with other people. This report will focus on word processing and semantic priming. Ashcraft (1998) suggested that “any stimulus that is presented first, to see if it influences later information”. Semantic priming occurs when an individual responds to a target word faster when it is preceded by a word related to the target word as compared to an unrelated prime (word). This report also explores how gender differences can affect semantic priming or word processing. The experiment typically used to measure this is called the Lexicon Decision Task which will later be discussed in the Methods of this report. This study is important as it provides more knowledge about the way language is processed.


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