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毕业论文提纲 机会只青睐有准备的人chance favors only the prepared mind

I have got benefits from making preparations in advance since I was a child. For example, I kept making some preparations for the next term every vacation instead of spending all time in playing so that I knew how to make my schedule and use my time effectively in a new term. Owing to this habit, I avoided many problems others suffered and got a more pleasant result. Thus, I always believe that chance favors only the prepared mind.  
We are not difficult to notice that there are always chances, but not all people can catch them. For those people who have not made any preparation, they cannot see any chance but always difficulty or disadvantage. However, for those people who keep making preparation all the time, they can notice every chance and take full advantage of it. For example, if a college student makes full use of his time to learn various things assiduously within his college life, he will not feel so hard when hunting a job. On the contrary, if he spends all his time in playing and sleeping, he will suffer a lot in making his living. 
In addition, someone will say that sharp brain can also make contribution to our success and we needn’t to make preparation all the time. However, a repetition of practices is the resort of gaining genuine knowledge. Without practice, without making preparation in advance, we will lack of the source of creation and we will never have a sharp mind. 
In a word, making preparation in advance is significant and necessary. To be successful, we need to learn more, practice more.