Young People Essay 代写:学科游戏在养育子女中的作用

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Young People Essay 代写:学科游戏在养育子女中的作用


作为父母,表达你的想法和情感需要很大的勇气。许多家长开始说,纪律是不够的,以帮助他们的孩子遵循他们的行动方针和指导原则。首先,惩罚并不能解决你的困境。有许多方法可以惩戒你的孩子,不表达威胁和/或身体暴力。例如,你可以做什么当你的孩子抛出一个大发脾气的时候,他或她就不能得到他们想要的东西吗?一方面,一个家长不应该打孩子时,他们觉得喜欢它,因为它是滥用,它不解决问题。你需要“忽视不当行为,“这只是意味着忽视孩子的不良行为,让他们自己平静下来。在你的孩子平静下来,你需要把自己的水平,让他们和简单直接的目光接触说明他们不能总是表现出他们想要的东西。这种类型的学科是关于教学,指导和训练你的孩子遵守房子的规则。另一种很有建设性的技术,作为惩罚的替代品,是把你的孩子放在一个时间。例如,当我六岁的时候,我的父母曾经把我放在一个时间。我的父母都发现这种技术非常有效,因为,儿童专家Kathy Lynn,BA.CCFE说,“时间是生命的咖啡休息。”凯茜也说:“以时间不应该惩罚;它应该是一个很好的机会来定居。”该母。

Young People Essay 代写:学科游戏在养育子女中的作用

Discipline occurs when the parent strives to change negative behaviour into positive behaviour. Punishment is where the parent tries to stop the behaviour from occurring again. Punishment is often used to cause pain or discomfort to an individual. Maintaining good discipline is the most stressful part of being a parent because you try so hard to teach your child right from wrong but sometimes nothing seems to be working. What makes good and effective discipline is to never express threats or physical violence, loving your child unconditionally at all times, and never be an overly permissive or authoritarian parent. The key to disciplining your child is to relieve stress and/or depression and be very patient. There are many other ways to discipline your child without using emotional or physical punishment. Therefore, both parents need to agree and comply with the consequences when a situation arises and they also need to obtain the morals of a good parent. These are some very beneficial and valuable discipline techniques that make a good parent. If parents follow these steps, they will see that their child's obedience has improved and will follow your course of action and guiding principle.

It takes a lot of courage to express your thoughts and feelings toward being a parent. Many parents begin to say that discipline is not enough to help their children follow their course of action and guiding principle. First of all, punishment does not solve your dilemma. There are many ways to discipline your children without expressing threats and/or physical violence. For example, what can you do when your child throws a major tantrum when he or she cannot get what they want? For one thing, a parent should never hit a child when they feel like it because it is abuse and it does not solve the problem. You need to "ignore misbehaviour" which simply means to ignore your child's poor behaviour and to allow them to calm themselves down. After your child calms down, you need to get down to their level, make direct eye contact with them and briefly explain that they cannot always act out when they want something. This type of discipline is about teaching, guiding, and training your child to obey the house rules. Another discipline technique which is very constructive as a replacement for punishment is putting your child on a time out. For example, when I was six years old my parents used to put me on a time out. Both of my parents found this technique very effective because, child expert Kathy Lynn, BA.CCFE says "Time-out is the coffee break in life." Kathy also says "Taking a time out should not be a punishment; it should be a wonderful chance to settle down."arian parent.