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博士论文代写 西部支教 volunteer teaching in the west

With the process of the WesternDevelopment, a growing number of students are volunteered to be a teacher inwestern area. In my point of the view, volunteer teaching in the west isbeneficial to both the volunteers themselves and the children in the west.


For one thing, volunteers canbenefit a lot from their volunteer teaching. To help the children in the poorarea, they will feel proud and create a sense of achievement; to learn to livein an under-developed area, they will strengthen their living skills andabandon their habit of luxury and waste as well as establish the concept offrugality; to serve as volunteers, they will enjoy the happiness of making acontribution to our society, which is good for their psychological health.


For another thing, those childrenwho receive the education can also benefit a lot. Volunteer teaching not onlyprovides a good chance for them to receive education and increase theirknowledge but also brings more attention and warm to them. To some extent, thevolunteers set a good example to those children in contributing our society.


Except the above benefits,volunteer teaching is also an important method to increase our nationaleducation and achieve education equality. To sum up, volunteer teaching in thewest will bring a lot benefits in many aspects, so we should encourage studentsto take part in it.