business assignment 代写 立法促进的几个方面

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This assignment aims to analyse a potential Tutor role I am seeking at e-QAS Training, responsibilities and boundaries complying with aspects of legislation, promoting equality and diversity, explain how to promote behaviour and respect, analyse Maslow's theory, review points of referral and evaluate my responsibilities in relation to other professionals.

(Gravells,A.2010,p.8) writes that" the role of a teacher is varied. Aside from teaching he or she may find oneself coaching, counselling, training, assessing, mentoring, encouraging and supporting learners as and when necessary" in the learning cycle. Identifying needs, Planning, Designing, Facilitating, Assessing, and Evaluating are activities included in the learning process.

Students, especially adults won't appreciate a hostile or stressful environment; they will leave the course at the first coffee break! Tutors are committed to prepare the learning environment safe, secure, enjoyable through Safeguarding Policy and ensuring it is suitable and accessible for all learners, both physically and emotionally, complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.To keep their attention, I will find out the right balance between the role model and the authority figure in a way that "setting ground rules helps everyone know their limits" (Gravells, A. 2008). They feel respected and so respect me. We promote to all learners ethical and social values, irrelevant of their colour, sex gender, nationality or ethnic origins. Our staff makes a difference to learners lives valuing diversity for positive benefits and all learners have equality for opportunity. Involving and including learners to express their point of view, collaborate and share ideas, reflecting, and analysis of experience, will improve and strengthen.

Why are they doing this course? What do they expect from it? What is their motivation? Stating (Knowles 1984:12) "as a person matures the motivation to learn is internal" some adults will do further studies for a social purpose and others as a personal or professional development. The concept of motivation based on needs was developed in 1943 by Abraham Maslow. His theory defines that" our survival needs must be satisfied first" (Maslow, A. 1943). After that we are motivated to reach our high levels of needs. These needs play a major role in motivating behaviour. In Maslow's hierarchy represented as a pyramid are included five goals: physiological needs, safety needs, love needs, esteem needs, and the need for self-actualization. Using Maslow's model when teaching, we are approaching, understanding and motivating learners' needs in order to reach their potential. Teacher's goal is to aid learners in achieving success and also they are in a position to strongly influence student's outcomes. Creating a safe class environment, developing rules and procedures increasing level of self-esteem, the course will reflect the individual differences as: social (how the learner can interact with others), physical (how a learner can access learning having reduce mobility), intellectual (how a learner gain new skills), cultural (might affect values and beliefs), emotional (ability to concentrate).Is better let student's know that teachers care about them, we appreciate the work they do and we want them to succeed. Take time out to explain issues and concerns with them. However teachers must assess the whole student including; knowledge of material, the learner level based on Maslow's theory and obstacles to learning.