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E-qas Training (e Qualifications and Skills) is a training provider delivering e-courses of Numeracy& Literacy, NVQ, Employability Skills and IT from entry level to level two; offer a forward approach, free advice & guidance face-to-face and listen to the learners needs; working in partnerships with employers, Government and Industry body and learners. Most of the courses are available online. We tailor our training programmes to our client’s needs and offer them a safe environment in accordance with our Environmental Policy Statement and Protection of Vulnerable adults Policy. Our responsibilities are to be aware and report any suspicions might have concerning adult abuse. Each session is delivered by our dedicated, committed and professional tutors with on-going aftercare satisfying our user’s needs as stated in our Equality Opportunity Policy. This Policy is monitored in accordance with current legislation. We welcome everyone offering a full induction into learning and into our centre informing them about our policies and regulations. With regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, e-QAS Training is committed to eliminate any risks to health and Safety providing the safest and healthiest working condition for staff and all users assessing the workplace for risks and co-operate with other employers. Basic skills and support is accessible and available to all learners. In order to achieve qualification e-QAS Recruiter undertakes an initial assessment to establish the training needs. Diagnostic assessments based on initial assessment results will help us to identify the specific strengths and areas of development to create an individual learning plan. A personal tutor will be allocated to the learner to discuss the training opportunities available for achieving his or her goal. Through our work at e-QAS we have access to information about candidates and clients; e-QAS takes the confidentiality of all personal data and then takes all responsible steps to comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. Tutors will offer their support to develop learner’s skills and knowledge to complete the qualification. Tutors will make observation and review their progress on an ongoing basis, given them an accurate, concise feedback and positive reinforcement on any testing and assessments activities. The results are helping to determine any individual support required, to ensure learners development throughout the course. Learner’s progress and achievements are recorded using ILP or a portfolio, practice tests, enrolments forms, attendance registers, assessments, SOW. After each session tutors complete a lesson evaluation (report) which includes: strengths of the session and areas for development and improvements. On success of achievements of student’s learning goal, tutors discuss any further learning opportunities.

The course materials and resources meet the requirements and needs of all learners and challenge stereotypes. They are easy to download direct to learner’s computer at home or at work.

Petty (2009) states, that learner expect to be treated fairly with no favouritism shown to any students. As a tutor I adhere to the Equality Act 2010 delivering or facilitating sessions to promote equality through inclusion of everyone, valuing diversity using differentiation, avoid discrimination, and show respect to all learners, whilst acting as a role model at all times. I will engage and motivate learners, using open dialogue to encourage learners to participate. I will be brave and ambitious to create and develop effective plans, clear aims and objectives and all records and paperwork up to date and filled securely; complying with principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.If necessary learners can have a copy with their information under Freedom of Information Act 2000, upon request.

As a tutor I will make sure that all handouts, lesson plans, presentations and any other writing I use, is spellchecked as any spelling mistakes will reflect on the learners! I understand that, I must have the relevant knowledge, qualification and attributes satisfactory for the teaching position. I have also to consider seeking a CRB check, as tutor positions involve direct contact with learners. Being highly competent, adaptive, arguably, effective communicator, resourceful, empathetic, conciliatory, confident, creative, dedicated, enthusiastic, flexible, patient, organised, professional, receptive, respectful, responsible, responsive, trustworthy, supportive can conduct to best teaching practice and success. Also the use of pedagogy, critical reflection and engagement can empower teachers to motivate learners and learning.

Teachers/tutors must act in a professional manner, understanding about teaching and learning, maintaining professional relationships; upholding current legislation and codes of practice, respect student’s right to refuse to disclose sensitive information and keep learner’s personal information confidential as following E-QAS Confidentiality Policy. I need to be aware about professional boundaries and my personal limitation in order to liaise with external bodies, sharing experience with our partner organisations, referring learners for counselling, advice and guidance. Our points for referrals are: Line Manager, Next Step, Job Centre Plus, Seetec, Papworth Trust. Not at last tutor promotes behaviour and respect. Our aim is to treat another with respect, share our responsibilities, delivering high quality programmes of learning, acting as a role model, speaking appropriately, working alongside with local authorities such as: Job Centre Plus, Citizens Advice, City College and families to ensure that good behaviour and respect are promoted, delivered and everyone has the tools they need to support all user services reducing barriers to learning in order to fulfil healthy and happy lives.



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