Case Studies Assignment代写 the new apartment of our own我家的新居

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    Last week we moved into our new apartment.There are two bedrooms,a study,a living-room,a kitchen and a toilet.Father has a study at last,and I have my own room now though I usually stay at college and only come back home at weekends.My father is a writer and my mother is a teacher of English at a secondary school.I am a junior at college.Some ten years ago we never dreamed of buying a new apartment,for it was simply incredible.
    The bedrooms and the living-room are not large but cozy.Almost everything is new except the TV set,the refrigerator and those books of my father's.At first it seemed to me that there were too many doors.Once or twice I pulled the wrong door when I wanted to go out.I am still strange to our new apartment and it appears to me that it is quite a distance from my room to the kitchen or toilet--what an amusing feeling!
    Our old home was a one-story house with two rooms,one of which was the bedroom of my parents as well as the study of my father,the other was my bedroom as well as our dining-room.There was a small lean-to which served as the kitchen.Now all the shaky old one-story houses in that neigh-bourhood have been pulled down and new bulidings will be put up there.
    It is evident that our city is changing and people's life is changing.