Coursework 代写 给英语老师的一封信 a letter to my english teacher

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Dear Miss Zhu,


How time flies! It has been a fewyears since I left high school, but I still remember you in my heart, becauseyou’re the best teacher in my mind. It’s not only because you taught meknowledge, but also you taught me how to study. I have really benefitted a lotfrom you. So I would like to express my great thanks to you, and share my lifein college with you.


Now I’m studying in Hunan FirstNormal College, which is Chairman Mao’s former school. I major in English,because I find it so fun and interesting. As far as I’m concerned, our EnglishDepartment is the best department in our college. The teachers in ourdepartment are knowledgeable, experienced, and warm-hearted. And my classmatesare nice, friendly and helpful. Thus, I have a good atmosphere to study. When Ihave difficulties in study, I always ask my teachers for help or discuss with myclassmates. Through their help, I have made great progress in my English study.


College life is much differentfrom high school life. In college, we should acquire knowledge as well asimprove our integrated abilities. There are a lot of English classes for us tolearn, such as Basic English, Oral English, Listening, Reading, Writing,Translation, Grammar, English Literature, and so on. I enjoy these classes verymuch. Except English, we have many other subjects to learn. Life seems so busyhere but it’s so fruitful for me.


After class, I usually go to theEnglish Corner. There I can practice my oral English by talking with foreignersor chatting with my schoolmates. Now, I’m able to communicate with foreignerswell. Sometimes I also take part in some social activities. For instance, lastweekend I attended an interesting play. As it was my first performance, I felta little nervous at the beginning. But when I appeared on the stage, I madeevery audience laugh happily. I was so proud of myself at that moment, becausethis was my first achievement.


What about your present life? Ihope to hear from you soon.

At last, I hope everything goeswell with you. Please give my best regards to your family.






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