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代发论文 电子书和传统书籍 electric books and traditional books

Withthe development of technology, more and more electric books are used by people;in the meantime, many people still read traditional books. I think both of themhave their own advantages and disadvantages.


Electricbooks and traditional books can be very different from each other. Electricbooks are light to carry, and they are so divers that you can read them on yourmobile phone, MP4. To thecontrary, the quality of traditional books can be well guaranteed. Moreover,most of electric books are network novel, and most of traditional books areprofessional books. Many people enjoy reading traditional book. Finally, if youread the electric book too long, you will feel dizzy with agitation. So readingthe traditional books can make you healthy.


However,they have one thing in common that is they provide us knowledge. I think theywill develop better in the future to make up their disadvantages.


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