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有三个原因,年龄会影响客户我)时代的要求和需要非常。(二)确定客户的终生收入。iii)年龄变化影响人口迅速(宽、Sheth Pulendran,米塔尔和纽曼,p.254 – 255)。玛莎百货的目标更多的女性比男性服装的服装,这是因为女性通常购物,包括购买。针对女性客户并不意味着玛莎百货销售更多女性的衣服,但是环境慰安妇时购物,女人采购战略,男人立即购买(安德森,2010)。年龄的客户在M&S澄清的情况下,属于35 – 55岁,类似于之前在成年早期和老年时期大约45 – 65(牛津字典,2010)。Marks & Spencer提供了更多时尚关注年龄更大的年龄组(Cox & Brittain,2000)


There are three reasons where age will influence on customer i) the requirement and needs is immensely by age. ii) to determine the lifetime revenue of a customer. iii) age changes affect population rapidly (Widing, Sheth, Pulendran, Mittal and Newman, p.254-255). M&S targeted more on women clothing than men’s clothing, this is because women usually do the shopping, including buying for men. Targeting women as customers doesn’t mean that M&S sell more female clothes, but the environment is made to comfort women while they are shopping, women purchase strategically, men purchase immediately (Anderson, 2010). Ages of customer in M&S are clarified in the case, which falls under 35 – 55 years old, which similar to period after early adulthood and before old age about 45 to 65 (Oxford dictionaries, 2010). Marks & Spencer offered more fashion focusing on older age groups (Cox & Brittain, 2000)


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