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代写论文价格 怎样处理生活中的压力?how to handle stress in life

We are nowlive in the world where the fittest will survive. So it seems unlikely that wecan avoid the stress form this competitive society. And stress like adouble-edged sword, which can be used by us, or hurt us. The appropriate stresscan be the motivation for our success, while too much pressure can do greatharm to our health and daily lives. If we cannot get rid of it, we must learnto deal with it.


First ofall, we should have a right attitude to stress. It’s important for us toanalysis the reasons that cause pressure. If we fear that we may not pass theexaminations, then we should study harder, spend more time on the weaksubjects, and ask teachers and friends for help. Then the stress on ourshoulders can be relieved.


Second, weshould have more confidence in ourselves. Sometimes, we lack of experience orour inner heart is not ripe enough, we just don’t know how to solve theproblems, so the stress comes. We should say to ourselves that I lovechallenges and I am strong enough to face all of these. Failure does not mean Iam a loser, it only makes me stronger.


Last butnot least, we can turn to our friend to talk about our problems. They mightgive us some useful suggestions. Or we can simply have a short vocation; go tothe place we love to relax ourselves.


In a word,the stress in our lives is inevitable. We should face it probably, have faithin ourselves and use practical ways to deal with it.


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