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代写论文 是否帮助陌生人? should we help strangers

Inrecent years, a strange phenomenon has occurred in our country—people are verycautious of helping others, especially helping strangers, because a few peopleare getting involved in trouble when helping others. Thus, a number of peoplehave no idea whether they should help strangers or not.


Asfar as I am concerned, we should help strangers in an appropriate way. Firstly,helping others is our traditional virtue and we have been taught to be glad tohelp others all the time. Hence, we should develop this virtue as much aspossible in view of making a harmonious society. Secondly, helping others ishelping ourselves in some ways. Just imagine the situation when we are gettinginto trouble but no one is reluctant to lend a hand to us. Therefore, we shouldput ourselves in others’ shoes and be glad to help others.


However,in order to avoid involving in unnecessary trouble when helping others, itwould be better for us to choose a reasonable way. For example, to help a childwho was falling into river, seeking others’ help rather than jumping into theriver if you cannot swim at all.



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