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电子商务论文 大学生恋爱好不好? is it good for college students to fall in love in school

College students have more freedom thanbefore and they also grow more and more mature in physical and mental. So it isnatural that they would like to fall in love with someone. As a result, campuslove becomes popular in university. For this phenomenon, people opinions vary. Inmy opinion, I don’t agree with that phenomenon.


First of all, falling in love with otherscost a lot of money. When two people have that kind of relationship, they willgo out with each other often. When they are going out, they have to spend more money.During the dating, the boy may try his best to buy things to make the girlhappy. While the girl may start to make up or buy more beautiful clothes tomake herself look better. All these need money. However, university studentsare still students. They have no income. Their money is from their parents. Fallingin love with someone will increase the burden of their family and themselves.


In addition, dating will distract students’attention from study. Although college students are growing more and moremature, they are still teenagers having little life experience. Their self-discipline always is not good. If they can’t deal with the relation betweenstudy and dating properly, their study always will be given up by themselves. Eventhey won’t give up their study, but it is surely influenced.


In general, dating in campus is bad for thedevelopment of university students. For the sake of their life and study, theyshould not start a relation while they are still in campus.