dissertation conclusion怎么写 间隔年gap year

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The idea of “Gap Year” is getting popular in China recently. Gap Year means after graduation, to take a year break to go for a long travel or have some special experiences abroad before taking a job. And I support this idea. The Gap Year will benefit you in many ways.


Gap Year is a good buffer to the graduates. They have been being a student since they went to the kindergarten, they are severely lacking of experience of being out of school, and they have no idea how would it be if they enter the society without enough preparation. The Gap Year will give them a certain amount of time to study on the real society, and help them make a sound choice of career.


No matter you spend your Gap Year on travelling or volunteering, you will have special experience. You will learn how to socialize, and have the mind opened. You will grow up as an independent, confident, caring and matured person, which you help you to do better in job in the future.


And the friends you made in the Gap Year also a great treasure of your life.


I would like to have a Gap Year before I go to work.