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在本周二Morrie Mitch Albom问读者一个持续的问题,影响着整个书:一个问题,他正来回。他的问题是简单的,但深刻的和令人信服的;你有一个亲密的人离开你的生活,而不是完全,但身体?一切都似乎是正确的,当他们在你的存在。花的时间只能被描述为什么似乎是如此可爱和纯洁,回忆经常沉思。你让自己忙着许多任务,以无聊的感觉,在你的内心最有意义的是什么。冷漠和自满的感觉是没有刷在你的脑海,直到现在的感觉,就像一个中风的艺术家,一个闪亮的光泽,让你的思想,现在干脆,小打小闹,远从你的心里好像从未有。实现你所拥有的东西与你从何而来的地方,你现在在哪里。

In the Book Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom asks the reader a continual question that reverberates throughout the book: a question that he wrestles back and forth with. His question is simple but deep and compelling; have you had someone close to you leave your life, not completely, but physically? Everything just seemed right when they were in your presence. The moments spent could only be described as what seemed so lovely and pure, the memories often pondered fondly. You keep yourself busy with many a task to dull the senses of what the mind plaques on your inner most being. The feelings of apathy and complacency are feelings that have not brushed across your mind until now, like an artist with a single stroke, a shiny gloss that hazed over your thoughts, now dry and crackling, chipping away and falling far from your mind as if they were never there. Realizing what you had is coming to terms with where you came from and where you are now.

Mitch goes on to speak of how Morrie spoke words of life into his cynical soul and enlivened it towards betterment. It is as if you can hear his audible underlying tone say: you see he was a better person than I, and it made me a better person to be around him. The kind of betterment that can only be attained through birth-bestowed upon the chosen, such a substance as his cannot be taught or attained through some moral code of competence. He did it all when no one/everyone was watching-experiencing the real and unencumbered in all his glory. Here today and gone tomorrow but forever etched within the soul.

Morrie Schwartz was Mitch Alboom's sociology professor at Brandeis University whom he has not spoken with in years, and when he discovers that his dear old professor has taken ill with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gherigs disease) while watching a Nightline interview that Morrie did with Ted Koppel he wastes no time in getting back in touch with him.

From the onset Mitch's cognitions of what Morrie use to look like are dwarfed by the reality of just how deeply aging and terminal illness have affected his once jovial and lively professor. When he arrives at Morrie's home in Boston he sees a frail and aged man waiting outside in a wheel chair, a far cry from the dancing fool he remembers him to be. As his first visit is underway he realizes just how confined his old professor's life has become, from not being able to leave his home to having a nurse at the house to aid him in tasks that a healthy individual does with ease, becomes a daily routine. After his first visit to Boston Mitch vows to keep coming back every Tuesday in keeping with the same schedule that they had while Mitch was a student of Morrrie's at Brandeis, because as Morrie says "were Tuesday people Mitch." Tuesday after Tuesday Mitch returns to Morrie's house in West Newton to take in every bit of Morrie he can and extrapolate every ounce of knowledge and wisdom his aging professor can muster, and for sixteen Tuesdays they explored many of life's central concerns family, marriage, aging, and happiness, to name a few.

essay代写价格 The Book Tuesdays With Morrie Mitch Albom English Literature Essay