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个人陈述范文 阅读侦探小说的乐趣 the pleasure of reading detective novel

I like reading, especially for detectivenovel. I love recreating the scene from the novel in my mind, and I’m reallyfancy the bright detective who are created by the writer. However, some peopleargue that reading detective novel is nothing but a waste of time, since youhave the time to read, why don’t you read some book that could learn usefulknowledge. But I cannot agree with it.


In the first place, reading detective novelis a good way to learn lots new knowledge from one book. For instance, almostall of the detective novel included the knowledge of investigation, psychology,behavior analysis, and some even involved the aspect of physical and chemistry.The writer perfectly used that knowledge to write into the fiction, which makethe reader learn it naturally. Hence, reading detective novel is not a badthing, it will help you review your academic knowledge and learn something youdon’t know before.


In the second place, reading detective novelis like some kind of brainstorming game. When you are reading novel which isevery exciting, your mind will follow the plot that will set your wits to work.On another word, reading a detective novel is not only could make you feelrelaxed but also could make you become smarter than before.


To sum up, there is great benefit to readdetective novel. You could totally enjoy the pleasure that the intelligentdetective bring to you,and you could be smarter.


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