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国外论文格式 适当的舍弃 properly discard

The mother told a story to her child:


The mother gave him two toys when the child was young. The child hold a toy in one hand, and another toy in the other hand .Then the mother gave him a toy; he clipped the toy that was on the hands with his arm quickly, stretched out his hand for the third toy.


When you heard this story , you may be feel that he is quite clever, the mother may also think so .However, when you think carefully, you will find he is very stupid. When he clipped a toy and took two toys, how he to play well? If he discards any one toy, the situation will be greatly improved.


As we all know, the children have a very strong attachment to the balloon. One day, a mother and son played in the park, the son hold a balloon; they sit to rest on the grass when they felt tired. The mother took out a harmonica to play; the forest echoed melodious tweedle immediately. The son stared his big eyes, ready to ask the mother the harmonica, but reluctant to discard balloons. When he was in a dilemma, the mother stopped playing and smiled to him. In just a few seconds, he made a choice, loosen his balloon….

大家都知道,小孩子对气球有一种非常强的依恋情结 。有一天,有一对母子在公园嬉戏,儿子手中拿着一个气球,当他们玩累时,就坐在草坪上休息。母亲拿出一只口琴吹起来,林间回即会响起悠扬的琴声 。儿子瞪大眼睛,准备伸手向母亲要口琴,却又舍不得放开气球.左右为难之际,母亲停止了吹奏,朝他不住的发笑.在短短的几秒中,他做出了选择,松开了手里的气球….

He learned to play the harmonica on this day, melodious sound echoed through the park.


Sometimes, the appropriate discard is to grasp the more meaningful things.