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化学论文 成功的因素what makes people successful

There are manycharacteristic exist in the world, and characteristic is very important topeople. For example, active, persistence, optimistic makes people successful;lazy, passive makes people fail. Having a good characteristic means you havethe key to the successful door, but you have to find the way of success. Thisis what I am going to talk about, the key to success: persistence.


Persistence is akey to success, whether for a single person or an organization. People who lackof it would mean failure in reaching a certain goal. People need to know thatsuccess seldom comes easily on the first try; they should have the patient toinsist trying until they get the goal. Unsuccessful people try something just afew times, and when it fails, they give up; they usually pass the blame ontosomeone or something, and learn nothing from their experience. Successfulpeople are different, even they fail, and they won’t lose their passion. 


Let me take afamous person to example. His name is Da Vinci, he is known as a great painter,artist. Everyone knows him, but I think there are not much people known thathow much effort did he made before he became a famous artist. Da Vinci draweggs everyday when he was young, hundreds and thousands times a day. It isdefinite a boring work, many people could not bear to face an egg and draw itin different angle thousands times. But Da Vinci did it, and he made it. Wecould say it is not for his persistence that he would not get the greataptitude for painting.


Talent is a giftfrom god, persistence is a key you’ve got, and effort makes those working whichbring you to open the door of success.


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